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Removing a stain:


To treat a spill or carpet stain, apply the cleaning agent to a white cotton cloth and work it into the spot gently. Work from the outside towards the center, so you don't spread the spot, and don't rub too hard. Blot the stain after a few minutes, then re-apply the solvent. A shop-vac, if you have one, works better than blotting. Continue in this way until you no longer get a transfer of the stain to the cloth. If this doesn't remove all of the spot, other carpet stain removers can be tried.


Once you have removed as much of the stain as possible, rinse the area with cold water. Blot up the water or use your shop-vac. Repeat, until you are sure all of the stain remover is out. You can use a stack of plain white paper towels with a weight on them to soak up the last of the water. Also, a fan will help speed up the drying time. Fast drying prevents any remaining stain that is deep down in the carpet from wicking up to the surface. Dawn dish washing detergent (a few drops in a cup of water) makes a decent carpet stain remover. It works especially well on greasy stains (maybe a teaspoonful to a cup of water). Use the original blue Dawn, and follow the process outlined above.


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